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Antalis Sustainability Charter

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development : sustainability Charter

As a leading international distributor of communications support materials, Antalis considers that its
development must take into account economic, social and environmental concerns. Through this charter,
Antalis commits to continuously strive to reduce the environmental impact of its products and activities, increase
the well-being of our employees and promote responsible governance in the way we run our business.


If quality and service are key considerations in our activity, reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes is also a strong responsibility for the company.  The materials used to manufacture paper products, their traceability, their impact on the environment and the requirement to maintain product integrity throughout the supply chain are all major concerns. This is why environmental issues affect our key business decisions.


  • Develops and markets a growing range of ecologically-responsible products - ensuring they are sourced from sustainably managed forests carrying strong and internationally-recognised labels and certifications
  • Seeks to reduce the environmental impact of our deliveries (in terms of trucks and route optimisation).
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of our warehouses.

Supply Chain

Sourcing sustainable paper and board materials is a key issue for our industry. We endeavour to work with suppliers that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility. We encourage sustainable business by asking our suppliers to improve their own environmental performance and by finding the most appropriate products and services.


  • Seeks to ensure that its suppliers exhibit the highest standards of quality and environmental performance.
  • Builds partnerships with suppliers that aim to reduce their energy consumption and toxic waste.
  • Seeks to achieve optimum traceability across our product ranges
  • Complies with all laws and regulations governing paper materials and encourages best practices wherever possible.


As we endeavor to deliver supply chain excellence, Antalis has a responsibility to provide customers with guidance on a number of topics including product and quality information as well as “Chain of Custody”, which documents the life cycle of our papers from the forest.


  • Offers a coherent and growing range of ecological products.
  • Provides specific information about recycled and ecologically-responsible papers.
  • Provides information to help our customers address the specific environmental issues facing their business.
  • Wherever possible, advises on recycling waste paper and wrappers.


Antalis employs 6200 people across 53 countries worldwide. Employee welfare is always a key consideration.


  • Provides a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.
  • Ensures working conditions are based on respect, empowerment and trust.
  • Develops the skills of our employees through training programmes such as the “Sales Academy”
  • Encourages diversity at management level to reflect our international dimension and


As an international company, we focus on building close relationships within our various local communities. We seek to operate as a responsible actor in the paper chain by supporting local development through our activities. We also take an active role in sponsoring local programmes and national charities that support education, health and environment.


  • Creates and supports local economic development where applicable.
  • Supports charitable organisations.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

As a leading international distributor of communications
support materials, Antalis recognises and
understands economic, social and environmental
concerns. We are committed to contributing to sustainable
development through our businesses, operations
and people. This
Charter is our commitment to
Corporate Social Responsibility.


Environmental Guide for Pulp & Paper Production
This guide is for interested stakeholders of pulp and paper industry, which aims to support a better understanding of the relevant environmental aspects and environmental
performance data of pulp and paper production.

Download Giude