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Judging Criteria

Any great designer will tell you that rules are our friends. Even something as liberating as design has a few rules and guidelines, it’s what helps steer the process. So, here are a few rules, don’t worry, nothing too limiting.

This kinda goes without saying. Ask yourself, does the design solve a problem and add value?

One man’s creative is another man’s WTF? Just ensure that the design is original, delightful and impactful.

Design is one thing, complete off-the-wall irrelevance, no matter how good it looks is quite another. Your design must have a convincing correlation between the solution and the nature of the client’s business.

The best ideas can be let down by poor execution. Make sure all your design elements are well crafted and supported by good print quality.

Judging Criteria

1. All entries must be printed on papers exclusive to Antalis South Africa (see the complete list of papers on page 5 of this booklet).
2. Designs printed between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2012 are eligible.
3. Entries are to reach Antalis no later than 23 July 2012. Call your Antalis representative to collect your entries.
4. All entries, except those in the student category, must be commercially printed.student category, must be commercially printed.
5. All entries must be for existing companies, organisations or individuals, the only exception being the student Corporate Identity category, where the company may be fictitious.
6. Design is at its core about problem solving. All entries must be accompanied by a one sentence motivation describing the problem that the design had to solve.
7. Corporate identities, posters and similar entries will only be accepted mounted on A2 or A1 black mounting board with the entry form adhered to the back of the entry.
8. Annual reports, brochures and similar entries are to be submitted in an envelope with an entry form adhered to the outside.
9. More than one entry may be submitted by the same person or company, however, the same entry may not be submitted in more than one category.
10. All entries received and accepted will be retained by Antalis, who reserves the right to reproduce any entered design in publications and promotional brochures related to the Art of
Design, and to display selected entries at national and international exhibitions.
11. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that his or her design is free of restriction.
12. Entries submitted in any previous Art of Design competitions will not be accepted.
13. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
14. A suitably qualified panel of judges will be chosen from the nominees that are put forward by the design industry.
15. Complete a separate entry form for every piece your studio submits. There is no entry charge and entry forms can be downloaded here>>