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Press Release

World Book & Copyright Day celebrated for the 15th year - Gothenburg – April 23, 2010

UNESCO’s initiative to promote books and education - World Book & Copyright Day - is being celebrated, according to tradition on April 23, for the 15th time. The importance of books to young people and also for fighting poverty with the help of education is being prioritised in this year’s celebration.

Arctic Paper is observing this year’s World Book & Copyright Day for the sixth year through a series of local activities in the company’s various markets.

Throughout time, stories have reflected our history and promoted the progress of humanity. The storyteller’s place in early cultures has gradually been replaced by thinkers, poets and authors, whose stories, since the invention of the printing press, have been spread throughout the world.

It is easy to understand why books are loved and appreciated. A book is accessible, easy to carry and often beautifully designed. Today, when technical developments also allow for digital distribution of stories, it is especially important to preserve the special position of books.

With the World Book & Copyright Day, UNESCO is focusing its attention on the continuing major significance of books with regard to education, and especially for education efforts in developing countries.

Authors, librarians, publishers, teachers, private institutions, the mass media and humanitarian NGOs cooperate with UNESCO every year in celebrating World Book& Copyright Day. Arctic Paper, Europe's second largest producer of bulk book paper, would also like to observe the day. For that reason, within Arctic Paper’s various markets, there will be local initiatives that will take place prior to and on World Book & Copyright Day.

The book culture as we know it is dependent on the printed medium. Within Arctic Paper,we believe in and work for the book as a medium. We do this by providing a broad and advanced selection of paper, specially developed by taking into consideration the varying needs that many types of authors, publishers, designers and artists may have - everything from the simple paperback to the beautifully-designed gift or art book.

Within Arctic Paper, environmental aspects are driving factors for paper development that are increasingly important to customers.

“Today, more and more people keep environmental aspects in mind with everything they do. At Arctic Paper we were ahead in our lifecycle and environmental thinking and it is important for us to be able to offer FSC and PEFC certified paper with sustainable forestry as a starting point,” says Hans Karlander, sales and marketing manager at Arctic Paper.


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