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Press Release

Passion Promotes Perfection - 03-2013

Passion Promotes perfection

March 2013 –

Having spent a significant portion of my life in the Northern Hemisphere the glorious weather we generally experience in South Africa is never lost on me.

I feel passionate about watching each perfect day dawn. It’s that word, passion, which I believe encapsulates the Antalis team in KwaZulu Natal.”
shared a poetic Keith Solomon, Director of Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

“Lead by Mike Atkinson, the KZN team has a keen focus on customer service and this, combined with a passion for all the products they bring to market could be an explanation for why this team has worked together for many years and continues to rack up copious achievements.” continued Solomon.

KwaZulu Natal, a province that prior to 1994 was made up of the province of Natal and the homeland of KwaZulu, is an enticing, spectacular and fascinating multi-cultural showcase destination flanked by the warm Indian Ocean and soaring mountain ranges. The area is a draw-card for thrill-seekers in the great outdoors from wave-riders to hand-gliders; golfers and mountain bikers.

The team has many years of combined experience and remain completely focused on the Graphics business with close to 100 computer-to-plate systems installed in the region – a remarkable success on it’s own but that’s just the tip of their successes. Curious for an explanation as to what keeps this team motivated and on top of their game, I posed the question to Mike Atkinson himself. “ mused Solomon.

“Service, in a nutshell! We are fastidious in understanding our customer’s needs, which makes it easier to ensure they are met in the choice of products we supply to them. Our team has over 500 years of experience in the Graphics industry and, backed by the support, training and on-going guidance from Antalis head office means we are on a winning streak and have been for a while.” gleaned Mike Atkinson, head of the said KZN wonder team!

“As Kwa-Zulu Natal is South Africa’s domestic tourism leader it makes sense that Antalis would have a leading team there as well! Perhaps this destination, which is high popular amongst visitors throughout continental Africa should add another ‘must-see’ to the list of ‘must-dos’ for discerning travelers, a visit to Mike’s passionate team.” concluded Solomon.





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