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Long lasting relationships in Print and Design - 06-2013

Long Lasting relationships in Print and Design

March 2013 –

Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd are exceptionally proud of the longevity of many relationships they cultivate with their customers. Once such example is their decade long mutually beneficial partnership they have formed with Swaziland’s Print Design.

Based in Mbabane, Print Design has recently moved into the computer-to-plate arena with their purchase of a Kodak Trendsetter 400.

I’ve been working with Wilton Nkambule, the company’s owner, for more than 10 years now and his decision to advance into the CTP arena was well considered and perfectly timed.” shared Mel Ellis of Antalis.

The quiet and reserved demeanor of Wilton should not be mistaken for anything other than an exceptional business mind; he understands the complexities and challenges of running a business and his reputation proceeds him.” continued Ellis.

The Kodak CTP devices deliver exceptional productivity and image quality proving to be a solid business investment. Print Design made a wise choice with this equipment because the Kodak Trendsetter is well known in the printing industry for their reliability and easy maintenance.

Tucked into the granite peaks and valleys that comprise the Dlangeni Hills, Swaziland’s administrative capital and second largest city Mbabane is small, relaxed and unpretentious with a population of only 90 000. Much like the city in which they are based Print Design is unassuming but let this not fool you into thinking that this shop is anything other than cutting edge. Their recent purchase of a Kodak CTP machine is also coupled with the Kodak Thermal Direct plates, which eliminates the use of a messy, expensive plate processor.

“We’ve chosen to go this route as is saves on the use of chemicals, the running costs of a processor and, eventually, the processor itself which gets damaged because of the corrosive nature of the chemicals. What’s more by eliminating the use of chemicals we are doing our bit to reduce the negative impact on our environment.” commented Wilton Nkambule of Print Design

We have the utmost faith in Antalis’ experience and business acumen. I am well aware of their strong commitment and support of the Kodak range and I believe that our choice is the best fit. We are excited at the opportunities, changes and challenges this move will offer us and we are already embracing new business avenues.” concluded Wilton

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