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Antalis & Kodak - Country Wide Unified Workflow Roadshow - 17-03-2011


Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Kodak champion the Unified Workflow Solution

"Having identified the impact that economic trends are having on the print industry, namely a shrinking market and lower profit margins, it became apparent that we needed to offer our customers a better way to improve workflow and ultimately enhance their business offering."

"Over the last 10 days we've run a very successful Unified Workflow Roadshow countrywide. Two sessions a day were held in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal and theWestern Cape during which more than 100 of the top printers in South Africa gathered to garner as much knowledge from the International Kodak experts who were presenting. Two top Kodak executives imparted their tremendous knowledge of the Unified Workflow System in terms of how it's use would achiever greater productivity, lower overhead costs and ultimately improve their service." enthused Keith Solomon, Director of Antalis.

"One of the key messages that was being presented during the roadshow was "Essentially we need to step out of the vicious price war by differentiating ourselves and offer new value to our customers" shared Solomon. "The Kodak Workflow Systems provide an open infrastructure to manage both conventional and digital print production. The core capabilities are easily customised or expanded to help optimise any operation. In my opinion Unified Workflow is the glue that holds a customer's entire production process together. Kodak Prinergy and Kodak Portal Products/Insite are proving themselves to be by far the most popular systems both in South Africa and Worldwide" continued Solomon.

Kodak Prinergy will enhance productivity and reduce costs in any printing environment while building a more efficient workflow. The Kodak Portal Products/InSite will help build relationships between a company and their clients by using the Internet to connect directly into different elements of the workflow. These products facilitate collaboration, digital asset management and online job submission whilst offering monitor proofing to streamline the review and approval process.

"Those customers who have integrated Kodak's Integrated Workflow Solution have commented on the innovation, choice, sustainability and scalability of the software. Not to mention the fact that it has opened up new revenue opportunities, enhanced operational efficiency, empowered business partnerships and increased turnaround times."

"The technology behind this system is constantly developing and evolving but the marketing and administrative tools are the best known to man! One Prinergy Portal client has over 2 000 Insite customers submitting work directly to him, talk about creating a guaranteed stream of income!" boasted Solomon.

With the abundance of customers who are currently using the Kodak Workflow system it was incumbent on us to keep them updated with the current features and future opportunities. Kodak is certainly not sitting on their laurels, as their development is constant and certainly dominating the market.

"Linking to a customer's MIS (IT) system is just one of the many opportunities identified by Kodak, basically the Workflow System is designed to link into any current system as an enhancement and improvement to business strategies. Antalis is immensely proud of our partnership with Kodak, the Unified Workflow System is a market-leader and we will continue to support and guide all current and future customers who wisely integrate the system into their business." concluded Solomon.

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