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Press Release

Kodak hosts Emerging Geographies Summit in Cape Town - 01 -2012

Kodak hosts Emerging Geographies Summit in Cape Town with the full support of Antalis

Late last year Kodak chose to host their annual ‘Emerging Markets Summit’ in Cape Town. During this time a group of Kodak’s wisest men and women gathered to discuss the plethora of opportunities available in the 16 countries considered to be key emerging markets by the group including countries such as Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa , Poland and the Middle East.

We were informed of this summit and I was thrilled to suggest Cape Town as a good spot for the gathering” commented Keith Solomon, Director of Antalis. “At Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd we are exceptionally proud that our region is considered by Kodak as being one of  the most significant areas of growth in their emerging market business. I was able to join them for a portion of the Summit that pertained to our business so as to gain insight and understanding of where we can improve and continue to build our relationship with the Group.”

A large contingent of Kodak executives attended the Summit including Gustavo Oviedo, Managing Director and Chief Customer Officer Emerging Geographies; Philip Cullimore, Managing Director EAMER Region; Gudrun Alex, Marketing Director EAMER Region; Cristina Fernandez, VP Marketing Latin America Region and Evandro Matteucci, VP Marketing Asia Pacific Region.

Personally I was blown away when, during the Summit, I was privy to some of the latest technology Kodak will be launching in the near future We also jumped at the opportunity of having some of the Kodak executives in South Africa so we could take them to visit key customers. We have a very special relationship with Kodak and feel privileged that we are included in so much of their planning and future development.” continued Solomon.

We hold this Summit on a regular basis and look to diverse countries where we can host them. This year we spent a full two and a half days discussing the many opportunities we see available in our emerging regions. Choosing Cape Town was an excellent decision and we appreciate Keith’s recommendation! Everyone who attended the Summit left with a clear picture of the future goals for this region – by including Antalis where appropriate we are sure that we have complete synergy in our approach both for current and future customers. We are all looking forward to a prosperous and productive New year for both organisations.commented Gustavo Oviedo, Managing Director and Chief Customer Officer Emerging Geographies.

For me it was also an excellent opportunity to touch base with the Antalis team again. I always enjoy the commitment and dedication they show to Kodak. The entire company has been very supportive during some challenging times recently and we feel buoyed as we move into yet another exciting year.” concluded Gudrun Alex, Marketing Director EAMER Region.


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