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Press Release

Kodak emerged from its reorganization as a technology company focused on imaging for business- 09-2013


Today, Kodak emerged from its reorganization as a technology company focused on imaging for Business

04 Sept 2013 –

We are strong and ready to grow. Our balance sheet is healthy, our financial performance continues to improve in line with our projections, and the investment and portfolio decisions we have made will secure a bright future for us and for you, our customers.

This week, Kodak announced its emergence from Chapter 11 restructuring, a journey that began in January 2012.  I am deeply grateful to all our loyal customers and partners for standing by Kodak throughout this process. 

The new company has emerged a leaner, more focused enterprise, one that is even better positioned to serve your needs with the same levels of quality that you’ve come to expect from Kodak. We are poised and ready to grow – both our business and yours.

As a technology company focused on commercial imaging, we are also financially stronger with a healthy balance sheet and a performance that continues to improve in line with our projections. 

That performance is based on our ability to drive market-disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions in the product goods, graphic communications and functional printing markets, enabling you to achieve transformational improvements in efficiency, quality and productivity. 

We have proven to the world our ability to continue innovating while we were restructuring the company.  Now that we have emerged from Chapter 11, we will have even more strength to put behind innovation.  Our plan is to continue to invest in and deliver to you superior technologies, products and service.  And, our innovation has one simple purpose – your success. 

Thank you again for your loyalty.  Thank you for choosing Kodak as your partner and please know we are truly excited about building toward our future success together. 


Antonio M. Perez

End of Range

Storage & Distribution Solutions

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