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Just ask Antalis how to brighten up our roads - 09 -2012

HD Flexo is the next and newest step in high quality Flexo printing. The sleek and highly sophisticated process produces flexographic plates that are higher quality and print more consistently that standard digital flexo plates." shared Wouter Gheysels, Esko Application Sales Manager, South Africa.

"What's even more exciting is that HD Flexo may be implemented without scrapping existing equipment and working methods. Music to the ears of, Golden Era, one such client who now proudly boasts the Esko HD Flexo certification. Being HD Flexo certified is set to come an industry reference and will ensure that our customers get the full benefit from HD Flexo.

Golden Era is constantly innovating in order to offer the very best in flexo quality – they are leaders in their field and are truly deserving of the certification. Golden Era identified that, by using HD Flexo, it would set them apart from their competition. Through the use of both HD FLexo plates and Flexo CTP units that are HD capable, they were able to pass through Esko's strenuous HD Flexo certification process, emerging proudly as one of the few printing houses in South Africa to be awarded this prestigious award." continued Wouter Gheysels.

"Since signing the distributorship with Esko my team has been on a steep learning curve getting to grips with the Esko product range and the markets that have been opened up to us. It is a journey that we are relishing and this exciting step is kudos to the collective Esko, Antalis and Golden Era teams." beamed Keith Solomon, Director of Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

HD Flexo is a new evolution in plate imaging that brings much higher resolution to traditional Flexo. At the same time it is a cost effective way of achieving high quality packaging, which is comparable to gravure or offset, as well overcoming the past limitations synonymous with the flexo process. Offset and gravure printing was always somewhat of a Holy Grail for flexo but with HD Flexo the gap has closed. Bringing consistency, vibrant colours and increased print quality HD Flexo raises the industry standard in flexo printing.

"HD Flexo delivers shelf impact which was clearly visible at DRUPA 2012 where, at the HD Flexo sample window a wide variety of products were showcased and there, proudly South African, stood the Kellogg's boxes which were printed by Golden Era, South Africa.

"Of all the products we displayed the Kellogg's boxes were rated #1. Many people did not believe they were flexo printed, including the Kellogg's UK representative!" boasted Marc De Mey, HD Flexo Specialist, Esko.

Gheysels added "Two years ago South African printers at large said that HD Flexo was only possible in Europe. Today Golden Era join a select group of professionals both nationally and internationally who boast HD certification; an exceptional achievement. What's more SA samples are rated as the best!'

We are extremely proud of Golden Era's achievement in becoming HD Flexo certified. Long ago this innovative company realised that there is no such thing as a typical package; always acutely aware that each of their customer products have individual requirements – package design, graphics, shelf-life, machine compatibility, product visibility and protection. The company always works closely with their customers and it is this approach that we hold dear to us, as it is a value that Antalis emulates. Golden Era is flexible, responsive and has the ingenuity to make them such a success. Congratulations Golden Era to this well-deserved and highly recognisable certification". concluded Solomon.

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