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Press Release


Antalis - New Positioning and Communications Campaign - 06-12-2010


Herve PoncinThe Management Meeting provided the opportunity for Hervé Poncin to unveil Antalis’ new positioning & communications campaign, which comes into the general framework of RACE 2012.

What prompted the building of a new positioning for Antalis?

RACE 2012 aims at making a stronger Antalis, which primarily means being able to enhance the Group’s ability to attract new customers. In order to properly support this objective, it is essential to generate more leads. This naturally requires that the whole range and diversity
of the Group’s activities be adequately explained to existing and potential customers. Developments into new sectors, in particular, need to be highlighted and promoted. The message we want to convey is that Antalis can help its customers even in areas where they sometimes don’t expect us to operate. Today, most of them still have incomplete knowledge of the full array of products and services we can offer. We must make it so that it becomes a reflex for our customers to call us, whenever they have a problem to solve. That’s why we came up with a new baseline: “Just ask Antalis”.

example of ad using paperman (draft only for illustration)A new visual identity

In order to convey the “Just ask Antalis” message across all business sectors, from office to packaging and services, a special character has been designed: a man-shaped origami figure that will appear in our communications materials. It will help us give more personality to our brand and make it more dynamic and people-friendly.

A complete range of communications materials

The new positioning will be promoted through a full spectrum of tools, among which a short film aiming at showing the diversity of the Group’s activities in a simple and lively manner and at giving a modern image of the company. It will trigger interest and empathy, and generate curiosity. Press ads featuring the origami figure will also emphasize the “Just ask Antalis” message while each illustrating one of our various activities: print, office, visual communications, packaging, .. Overtime, the new visual identity will be used in all our communications vehicles, including booths at trade-shows , delivery trucks, building signage, product brochures. A new corporate brochure, describing the range of Antalis activities is currently being designed.
All of these tools are planned to be localized so that they can be used in all Antalis countries, with maximum efficiency.

A campaign that will soon kick-off

Corporate Christmas and New Year’s greeting cards have been designed to herald the new positioning and drive recipients to watch the Antalis film. For internal purposes, a dedicated toolkit will be developed to explain the new positioning and the campaign to the countries in November /December. The actual tools will be ready for use in January 2011.


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