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Establishing a partnership with Intec really does open up masses of opportunities for many, many businesses and we are thrilled to officially represent Intec Printing Solutions in South Africa.” shared Keith Solomon, Director of Antalis.

Speaking on the eve of a very successful Intec training week Solomon discussed what he believed Intec would bring to the country. “The innovative company aims to manufacture, supply and install superior printing solutions for a wide range of clients. What I’ve realised is the extent to which this will open up other print opportunities for both Intec and Antalis South Africa (Pty) Ltd.”

“We have explored a number of other partnershop avenues in South Africa but finding Antalis really has been the pinnacle of our search. It really was a no brainer from Intec’s perspective, we were chomping at the bit to get here, get training and get on with business!” shared Terri Winstanley, Marketing Manager, Intec Printing Solutions. Winstanley and Andy Withall, Technical Specialist for Intec, travelled to South Africa to spend a week with the Antalis technical team. Withall is considered an expert on the Intec Printing Solutions and shared him immense knowledge base with the eager team. “I use the training as an opportunity to get everything out of my head and into the technical team here. If I’ve done my job correctly then I won’t need to come back for further training – although South Africa is certainly a gorgoues place to visit!” said Withall.

“We have been treated with such respect and geniune kindness by Antalis, it’s been a great week and a highly successful training from our perspective.” continued Winstanley.

Intec is headquared in Poole in the UK and headed up by Founder and Managing Director Ian Melville. Since opening it’s doors in 1989 Intec now boasts a strong and continually expanding network of business partners and distributors in more than 70 countries. In just two short decades the print industry has evolved from lithographic to digital and Intec embraced this change by establishing itself as both a manufacturer and distributor of digital printing equipment.

One of their unique propostions is that they manufacture heavy stock colour digital printers. These printers can handle thin media from 55gsm up to a thickness of 600gsm. Because the versatile range of Intec digital printers can handle so many media types and sizes customers have an enormous range to suit both their requirements and budgets.

“What we are particularly excited about, in partnering with Intec, is the diversity that this will offer current and new customers. We envisage Intec becoming an exceptionally large player in our market in a very short space of time due to the flexibility and diversity of their offering. We are very proud to have been chosen by Intec to represent them in South Africa.

Early in 2013 we will officially launch our partnership but we felt the sooner we got our heads around the technical aspects the better for both companies. Hosting both Terri and Andy was a privilege, we’re looking forward to using our new found knowledge as we bring Intec to our customers, old and new alike.” concluded Solomon.


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